About Ashley Zimmerer



I recently earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I completed many different projects over the course of my degree, including two aerospace payloads that have made trips to space and back, and an interactive trade-show model of an energy efficient greenhouse for a local start-up company.

I like to be involved with every phase of my projects: from the initial design to the final goal, whether it be launch and post-flight analysis, or presenting a completed product to the client. I have 4 years of hands-on CAD design, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing experience. I have 3 years of experience with team leadership and customer service.

What I'm Up To

I've been making things my whole life and I'm always working on something. I'm improving my design for a minimal-care desk planter. I have two completed prototypes, and I am in the process of combining the best elements from each into a third prototype. Check out what else I'm up to over at my blog!

Current Goals

As I prepare to start my career, I'm looking for a position where I will work on a variety of different projects and tasks. My broad skill set, diverse experiences, and eagerness to learn will greatly benefit my future team. My strongest interests are in product design and aerospace. I'm based in the Denver, Colorado area, though I am very open to relocating.


When I'm not working on my projects, I'm outside. My favorite activities are hiking, climbing, longboarding, skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and exploring new places. I like to travel whenever I can; so far I've been to the UK, Germany, Italy, and Mexico, as well as many states here in the US.