Quilted Backpack

I wanted to make a new backpack, since the small travel one I made years ago was too small for carrying books and art supplies.

I visualized how big I wanted my new backpack to be and thought through each piece of the backpack. I wanted two pockets, and I thought about each side and compartment; the back, the front, the bottom, the top, where the zippers would go, the straps, the order in which I’d have to assemble the outside then the lining, and how I’d put the lining in.

I drew a picture of what I wanted it to look like from several angles, so I could visually think about each piece of fabric.

I calculated the size of every single piece of the backpack and wrote out a list. I cut the pattern parts out of paper and labeled them, then constructed the quilted fabric for the backpack’s outer shell.

Once I had all the outer fabric sewn together and cut out, I constructed the outer shell of the backpack followed by the lining, inner pockets, and zipper. I’m pleased with the final result!