Raccoon-proof plant cage

In the start of July, I finally moved my succulent plants outside to soak up the summer sun. I built them a little outdoor table and found a spot where they get the perfect balance of sun and protection from the heat.


The Problem

There’s a family of at least 8 raccoons that enjoys wreaking havoc in the yard at night. They love digging up potted plants and knocking over everything that’s not secured to the ground. The rascals savaged my poor succulents twice, ripping them out of the planter box, dumping their pots, and chewing on their delicate leaves. I thought I could solve the problem by moving the table closer to the house, but the raccoons were undeterred.


The Plan

My family and I have had success keeping squirrels and raccoons out of our strawberry patch with a chicken-wire cage. I designed a simple wooden structure with a door to which I would staple the chicken-wire.


The Result

The cage works! While it’s not the most beautiful thing to look at, it has done a wonderful job of keeping critters away from the plants.

I lock the door because raccoons are smart, and would probably figure out how to use a latch if they were determined.

I hung a shade to shield the the plants from the intense afternoon sun.

As you can see, they’re loving it! And safe from curious animals.

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