Wine Journal

I’ve gone to a few wine tastings lately, and had a great time trying to figure out the ‘compositions’ of the wines. Clearly, I’m no expert! I made a leather bound wine journal for my dad a couple years ago, and I figured I could make use of one as well.

Here’s a close up of one of the pages.

Here’s what I whipped up this afternoon!

I printed off the pages on regular printer paper. When I first designed them, I aligned the content to be printed front and back so it could be folded nicely down the middle for one entry per page. I like the idea of leather covers, plus, leather is the only thing I had handy.

I lined up the folded edges of each set of pages and used a saw to cut even holes.

I used a heavy duty needle to make holes down the center of the leather.

I’ve stitched a couple of books together before, and it’s kinda fun. I attached the top two holes of each set of pages to the cover, then secured the bottom holes.

It’s got a nice feel to it, but the cover was too floppy.

I glued a stiff card paper to the front and back covers. This makes the little journal feel like a real book, it’s very nice! I stamped the inside just for fun.

The stiffened cover helps the leather lay flat. It’s a little plain, but cute. At some point, I want to learn to emboss and use gold and silver foil for decoration.

I like the result! Now I’ll be extra prepared for my next wine tasting.

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