Portfolio Site

Personal Project

April 2017 - June 2017

Project Background

I wanted a way to showcase the major projects I have worked on. I initially created a slideshow with some pictures and explanations, but it isn't easily accessible. I decided to create a website with multiple pages and more information than I could convey in a slideshow. I looked into using various templates for my website, but none of them looked quite right. I've always been interested in coding and web design, so, I took the plunge and built a site that is completely my own.

Ongoing Work

I am currently asking for feedback on the readability and flow of this website. I will consider all suggestions and continue to improve it and update it with more projects.


index layout
I wanted an easy to use, reactive, aesthetically pleasing site that clearly displays my projects. I drew up this concept for the layout of the front page. The navigation bar and footer would be the same on each page. The basic design would also remain constant, to tie each page together. From every page, every other page can be accessed, so each visitor can pick and choose what they look at.

about layout
The 'About Me' page displays an overview of my background and interests. I eventually plan to add a slideshow of my interests and activities.
resume layout
My 'Resumé' page simply displays a link to download my resumé.

standard layout
My first concept for the layout of the project pages was to display images on the left, and paragraphs describing the project on the left. It wasn't easy to read, and resulted in a wall of text not tied to the pictures.

project layout 1
My second idea for the project pages broke the project down more. I put background on the project and my role in the project (if applicable) at the top of the page, and more specific paragraphs of text next to related images. Each page would follow this format.
project layout 2
To make each project even easier to follow, I decided to layout each distinct phase of the project only in pictures. The pictures are captioned to describe what I did without resorting to lengthy descriptions. The more visual and less wordy, the more likely visitors will be to look through the whole project.